We hope you enjoyed our 6sense Revenue AI™ for Sales announcement and you saw for yourself how 6sense is revolutionizing revenue creation — and how it’ll reignite your team’s love for selling.

Opening Keynote


The Big Reveal! Get a first look at 6sense Revenue AI for Sales with 6sense Chief Market Officer, Latané Conant. It’s time to make the move from information overload into the age of intelligence.

See Revenue AI for Sales


Dive into a demo of Revenue AI for Sales with Ami Arad, 6sense Senior Principal, Product Evangelist.

Chat with a Customer


Ashleigh Ford, Trend Micro Director of Marketing Operations, shares the secrets to her 6sense success alongside Heather Foeh, 6sense Sr. Director of Customer Marketing.

Go Behind the Scenes


Viral Bajaria, 6sense Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder, and Latané discuss the addition of 6sense Revenue AI for Sales and what it means for customers.

Celebrate BDRs


Get hyped for BDR Appreciation Week! Ernest Owusu, 6sense Senior Principal, BDR Center of Excellence tells us what to expect throughout the month.

Closing Remarks


Latané returns to the stage to share her key takeaways.

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Introducing RevTech your sales team will love

(& your marketing team will cheer!)

These days, information is easy to collect. So much so that it’s become noise, resulting in information overload leaving your team spending way too much time researching, and far too little selling.

The information era is over.
Welcome to the Age of Intelligence.

Intelligence is different. It’s signal, not noise — relevant, deeply helpful, difference-making. It’s AI that sees the unseen, illuminates the anonymous, and drives actions that truly revolutionize revenue creation. 

We’re welcoming this new Age of Intelligence with 6sense Revenue AI™ for Sales — a groundbreaking upgrade to the 6sense Revenue AI™ Platform designed to boost the performance of your entire team by delivering account and buying team intelligence right inside the tools sellers use every day.

It's time to revolutionize revenue creation!

6sense revolutionized the way modern B2B revenue teams prioritize their efforts by accurately predicting which accounts are “in market” for their product. Now, we’re revolutionizing the entire prospecting experience to give sellers everything they need to turn those predictions into reality. 

6sense Revenue AI™ for Sales now makes available account data, contact data, intent data, technographic, firmographic and psychographic data, all in one place.

Increase High Quality Pipeline

There’s nothing worse than getting into a deal late. Unless you count missing out on the deal altogether. 

Uncover anonymous buyers – and what they care about – with 6sense’s legendary ability to light up the Dark Funnel and industry-leading buyer intent (recognized by Gartner, Forrester, G2, and trusted by thousands of companies).

Improve Pipeline Conversion Metrics

We’ve been providing the most accurate in-market prediction since we pioneered the predictive analytics category a decade ago. 

Turns out, going after accounts that actually want to buy from you does amazing things for your win rates and cycle times. 6sense customers – on average – see a 10% improvement in win rates, and 25% reduction in time-to-close.

Reduce GTM Waste

Tired of wasting time on endless lists of bad accounts and bogus contacts? How about hours of researching an account hoping to have something relevant to say, only to dial a bad number.

Seriously, this stuff is costing you.

Give your reps a prioritized list of accounts, with contacts they can reach right now, complete with all the 6sense predictions sellers love, and the critical data and intelligence they need – all in one place.

Give your sellers the tools and confidence they need to spend less time researching and more time closing deals with in-market account prioritization and complete buyer intelligence accessible right in the tools they use every day. Give them 6sense Revenue AI™ for Sales.