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Customer Stories

Some of the world’s most forward-thinking companies are using 6sense to drive efficiency within their organizations.

We’re thrilled to work with companies who revolutionize revenue creation, and we hope to see your name here soon.

Featured Stories


Conversational Email: The Compass in Vendavo’s Tech Stack


Salesloft Harnesses the Power of a Lean Tech Stack with 6sense

Find out why leading businesses choose to do business with 6sense.

FullStory needed a robust platform to support their new ABM plans with persona maps and intent data. 6sense proved the perfect solution for aligning sales and marketing around trusted data, prioritizing in-market accounts based on intent signals, and expanding outreach into enterprise-sized companies.

Custom Truck One Source implemented 6sense Conversational Email to modernize their go-to-market approach while improving marketing and sales collaboration.

Lily AI's Director of Demand Generation shares how Lily AI leans on intelligent tools like 6sense Revenue AI™ for Sales to empower sales and marketing team members to prioritize, take action, and keep winning.

Talend, a global leader in modern data management, implemented 6sense to better understand their customers and optimize outbound efforts globally.

With 6sense, DealHub sees all buyer touchpoints and tracks attribution over time, helping them prioritize efforts and allocate resources more effectively. 6sense uncovers DealHub’s anonymous website traffic, tracking attribution across all touchpoints.

hireEZ needed actionable insights to learn how to target their ideal customer profiles (ICPs) and clarify customer profile data. They implemented 6sense to launch account-based marketing.

Bynder implemented 6sense to find new ways to diversify pipeline generation and optimize outbound efforts in EMEA and North America.

Using 6sense display ads, Clari reinvigorated closed-lost accounts. The initiative recently resulted in $1 million of qualified pipeline in just one quarter.

UJET leverages 6sense to track intent, drive awareness, and target the right audience at the right time.

Ashleigh Ford, Trend Micro Director of Marketing Operations, shares the secrets to her 6sense success alongside Heather Foeh, 6sense Sr. Director of Customer Marketing.

Zywave, a provider of software for insurance agencies, has long been an innovator in the insurance technology space. But in 2022, Zywave leaders identified a creaky internal blocker that could have weakened their commanding position: a 25-year-old customer database.

Since 2022, 6sense has helped Martal Group pivot their strategy, remain nimble, and bring in millions of revenue for their customers.

Vendavo participated in 6sense’s Conversational Email beta in summer 2022. Within just a few weeks, Conversational Email helped a lean sales team engage thousands of contacts and increase average meetings booked by 10%.

Marathon Health harnessed 6sense's capabilities to streamline their sales process and attach millions of pipeline to marketing campaigns. 

Qualtrics created intent-based audiences in 6sense, and use that data to create targeted Drift playbooks.

Qualtrics embraces 6sense within their digital marketing strategy and will continue to grow their LinkedIn advertising strategy to expand to other channels.

6sense empowers Drift users by proactively providing invaluable buyer-intent data on accounts that are visiting their websites.

Social Chorus, a workforce communications platform, relied heavily on cold outreach in its sales strategy, which can be time-consuming and lead to a lot of dead ends.

Salesloft uses 6sense because of its ability to cater to both sales and marketing teams, enabling a full-funnel experience. 

Before 6sense, Acronis faced capacity issues where there were more leads than sales could process.

“The amount of work Conversational Email does in a day would take someone on my team a week to do. It’s like having five more SDRs working simultaneously.”

Walker Smith

Manager of Sales Development, CustomTruck One Source

“If you can create a highly relevant email stream speaking specifically to the problems of your prospects, you can generate really, really high open rates, engagement rates, and ultimately closed-won deals.”

Troy Prudue

Director of Growth Marketing, Marathon Health

“Conversational Email AI assistants are fully executing campaigns and following up with leads that our SDRs didn’t have the bandwidth to go after.”

Rich Fong

Senior Manager of Sales Development, Vendavo

“With Conversational Email, (SDRs) get higher conversion rates, and people are teed-up and ready to talk with them. It helps us retain inbound SDRs. They are having more human conversations, find it easier to hit quota, and are making more money.”

Brian Kardon

Chief Marketing Officer, InVision

Customer Events

Here are some of our ongoing educational efforts that are open to all 6sense customers.


Breakthrough 2023

Join 6sense, customers and partners in Frisco, Texas from October 16th til the 19th at the Omni PGA Resort. Breakthrough features customer-led case studies, product-led sessions, and networking with over 1,100 marketing and sales leaders.


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Join us once a month to hear our customers share how 6sense empowers confidence in their strategies! Both future and current customers are open to join us on the 1st Thursday of every month at 8 AM PT/11 AM ET.