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Revenue Platform for Financial Institutions and Insurance Firms

Financial Services

Reduce go-to-market costs and increase share of wallet with AI-driven insights.

Differentiate yourself as a leader in your space.

Accelerate growth by understanding when and why commercial customers are likely to buy. 6sense supercharges your data to help you better understand your customers, differentiate your brand and grow your total addressable market.

Our platform embeds data intelligence into every part of your distribution and research efforts by capturing previously untraceable client intent signals and providing timely insights, giving you a 360-degree view into your accounts.

With 6sense, you will optimize commercial results by delivering the right engagement through the right channel at exactly the right time.

Trusted by award-winning financial institutions & firms

6sense Gartner Magic Quadrant

Validated by trusted analysts

Gartner named 6sense a Leader among ABM vendors globally in their latest Magic Quadrant for Account-Based Marketing Platforms. 

6sense is positioned highest for Ability to Execute and furthest for Completeness of Vision in the Leaders’ Quadrant.

Increase marketing impact with better targeting and insights

  • Know which solutions your clients are most interested in
  • Precisely define audiences based on real-time client behavior
  • Tailor campaigns and messaging based on specific client needs and measure impact

Use data and insights to foster & grow client relationships

  • Proactively be alerted when clients research your solutions, market, or competitors
  • Identify opportunities to grow share of wallet with current clients
  • Get real-time forecasting and analytics on pipeline performance

Improve team alignment & efficiency

  • Automate manual processes such as record creation, contact to account matching, and data enrichment
  • Prioritize outbound efforts based on AI models tailored to your unique success patterns and criteria
  • Orchestrate customer conversations with AI-powered email sequences

Morningstar Leverages 6sense to Drive its Data-Driven Approach

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See how 6sense supports your unique pains:


Create audiences for your go-to-market segments to identify who’s currently in-market for your products and services — and focus your sales and marketing efforts more efficiently.

National Banks

Illuminate hidden online buyer behavior to uncover the products and services current customers are interested in — and which net-new prospects you should reach out to next.

Regional Banks, Community Banks & Credit Unions

Capture SMB-level insights to optimize target lists, improve paid media, and uncover potential B2B clients that are in-market for your product or service.

Financial Advisory Services & Asset Management

Identify buying signals before competition, and know when potential customers are in-market, and what product they’re interested in.


Identify in-market clients for your benefit solutions. 6sense’s buyer insights and recommended actions help agents, wholesalers, and RVPs boost revenue performance.

Popular Technology Integrations

Connect your tech stack with 6sense to aggregate insights and arm your teams with more ways to win. Manage your revtech integrations, using the precise mix of apps and tools that best serve your business, and fully power your ABM vision.

“6sense is an integral part in our demand generation transformation, and has fueled the next stage of growth on this journey.”

Uran Kabashi

Director of Demand Generation & ABM, Morningstar

“Taking action real-time is absolutely critical for us, so 6sense is empowering every marketer with SEI to successfully go to market with their segment.”

Seth Morrison

Chief Marketing Officer, SEI

6sense Revenue AI drives value across your entire business:


Orchestrate branded experiences for target audiences across every channel to create engagement and ensure brand consistency.

Marketing Operations

Clean, connect, and structure data from disparate systems to create a single source of truth — and uncover insights to help your marketing and distribution teams.

Distribution & Advisors

Engage your clients the right way with the right messaging by identifying organizations that are in-market for your products and solutions.

Ready to see 6sense in action?

Activate relevant and efficient audience targeting, with industry-leading account identification, intent data and predictive models.