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Buyer Intent Data

Intent Data for Sales

Sellers can use 6sense Buyer Intent Data to uncover in-market accounts that are primed to buy. Leverage 6sense to aggregate even deeper buying signals from our proprietary intent network and trusted B2B sources including Bombora, G2, TrustRadius, and PeerSpot.

Intent Data for Sales

Uncover net-new accounts & opportunities

Identify new buyers right when they begin researching solutions like yours with real-time intent data captured from B2B sources across the web.

Deliver personalization that actually feels personal

Create hyper-personalized outreach that speaks directly to your buyers’ active keyword intent, trending topics, and product comparison research.

Predict customer upsells
& mitigate churn

Detect customers researching competing solutions and proactively save them — or dig deeper into their additional needs for upsell opportunities.

Make invisible buyer activity
reappear... like magic.

Without visibility into what accounts are actively researching, you’re missing critical revenue moments hidden in what we call the Dark Funnel™

6sense intent data illuminates these moments, eliminates guesswork, and unlocks valuable insights into your buyers and their needs.

Get in first, and then win first

Surface every account and buyer who’s signaling their interest and intent to buy your products.

Then position your sellers to win by engaging newly in-market accounts sooner and more often than the competition..

Auth0 generated $3 million in pipeline from accounts identified by 6sense.

Within seven months of using 6sense, Auth0 uncovered 28 new opportunities, all identified by 6sense.

Uncover net-new accounts & opportunities

Demystify your pipeline

Fuel your sales pipeline with in-market accounts that are ready to engage (and buy!).

Know accounts better, faster

Accelerate your entry into deals with intent-powered predictive models that give you total visibility into the buying journey.

Ditch the guesswork

Use buyer intent data to focus sales efforts on the most important prospects and eliminate the guesswork around how to engage them.

Deliver personalization that actually feels personal

Personalization that actually feels personal

Leverage real-time insights about a buyer’s activity and research to craft outreach that really resonates … and then further differentiate with messaging that speaks to their real use cases and pains.

On average, 6sense customers experience a decrease in sales cycle by 22 days and a 64% increase in average contract value.

CoreView increased its click-through rate by 4x with 6sense digital advertising.

Using 6sense increased account engagement by 3x, and dramatically improved its ability to respond quickly to market needs.

Speak the buyer's language

Leverage the specific keywords your buyers are searching for to easily communicate value in ways that match their needs.

Customize the buyer experience

Set up intent-based plays across marketing and sales activities to deliver a completely personalized buying experience.

Tap into additional intel

Understand what third-party intent topics and products on review sites are being researched.

Predict customer upsells & mitigate churn

Build an early warning system for potential churn with behavior alerts when customers research competing solutions. 

Analyze customer search activity, content consumption, and engagement levels to spot accounts that are likely to buy more products or services.

Qualtrics increased sales productivity by 26% using 6sense data.

After using 6sense, Qualtrics saw a 260% increase in average opportunity value and a 66% reduction in cost per opportunity.

Beat out your competition

Identify high-risk accounts that are actively researching your competition and take action to win them back.

Increase deal sizes

Uncover upsell opportunities using insights into what additional products and topics your customers are actively researching.

Scale your engagement

Build workflows to add buyers to relevant sales engagement cadences that keep them engaged on auto-pilot.

Buyer Intent Data Features

6signal™ Company Graph

Match anonymous web traffic and intent signals to buyers and accounts across devices, channels, and locations.

Comprehensive B2B Intent Network

Capture intent data through 6sense’s proprietary network of B2B publishers, as well as integrations with Bombora, G2, TrustRadius, and PeerSpot for the largest signal and highest accuracy.

AI-Powered Natural Language Processing

Continually analyze content of every webpage to view complete, meaningful, and relevant intent data.

Unlimited Intent Keywords

Set up an unlimited number of custom generic and branded keywords to track relevant research directly related to your company, products, and competitors.

Predictive AI Buying Stage

6sense Predictive AI analyzes intent signals, web activity, and historical buyer data to continuously monitor how likely an account is to be in-market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Data that gives insight into a prospect’s buying interest and buyer journey. This data is collected when your accounts are doing research for a particular product or solution through third-party sites.

Data that provides insight into whether a prospect is actively considering purchasing your product or a similar product or solution.

Data points that identify buyer behavior, interest, and engagement patterns towards a particular product or solution.

“With 6sense, we are able to give sales priority, so they have time to spend on those accounts that have a higher intent to purchase, that drives efficiency.”

Gaidar Magdanurov

Chief Marketing Officer, Acronis

“It’s night and day, before and after we launched with 6sense. You can see the engagement and where accounts might have been in their intent — and then the moment 6sense turns on, you can see a significant lift in engagement.”

Lisa Cole

Vice President of Marketing, FARO

“Knowing which accounts to prioritize is an ongoing challenge for SDR teams. With the buyer intent and predictive modeling insights from 6sense, the guessing game becomes a strategic game plan for our reps.”

Kris Laird

Director of Sales Development, Ingeniux

“I like to call 6sense your ‘night vision goggles. You can go into the conversation blind, or you can go in with insights from 6sense.”

Rachael Tiow

Head of Global Account-Based Marketing, Auth0

Integrations built to centralize & maximize your tech stack

6sense integrates with a wide range of sales, marketing, and operations technologies.

Improve data, connect critical systems, build more engaging campaigns, and deepen the insights that live within your existing tech stack.

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