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Account Intelligence Software

6sense Revenue AI™  for Sales offers industry-leading data accuracy and unparalleled visibility into accounts and buying teams. This empowers sales reps to prospect the best opportunities, craft better outreach, and close deals faster.

Sales Intelligence

Find the right accounts, fast

Gain deeper insight into accounts and buyers to reveal the best, most efficient, path to generating more revenue.

Engage everybody

Leverage 6sense AI-powered analysis to reach entire buying teams with tailored content and messaging.

Close more deals

Arm your teams with a complete dossier on every account and buyer. Unlock opportunities for increasing deal size and account expansion.

Sellers wanna sell.

Spend more time engaging actively interested accounts, building high-quality pipeline, and hitting your quota — all thanks to 6sense’s AI-driven insights accessible within your CRM and other tools.

It's X-ray vision for in-market accounts

Revenue AI for Sales surfaces the most pertinent information about accounts that are in-market and primed to buy your solution.

It immediately delivers these accurate, actionable insights to your team. This instantly eliminates effort — and illuminates the best-possible way to engage those high-value accounts. 

Showpad improved close rates by 289% using 6sense Sales Intelligence.

In addition, 76% of Showpad's qualified opportunities were sourced through 6sense.

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Target the right accounts

Synchronize marketing and sales efforts based on the activity of target accounts and buying team members.

Identify net-new business

Get visibility into all accounts with high-intent buying signals with 6sense predictive AI, even those unknown to your CRM.

Increase sales productivity

Reps always know what to do thanks to Hot Account & contact prioritization dashboards, and Next Best Actions.

Finally, engage the entire buying team

Know everything about everyone on the buying team

Revenue AI for Sales delivers deep insights into an entire account, making it easier to identify and engage the full buying team.

Crafting personalized outreach provides value and relevance to each individual stakeholder, building stronger and lasting relationships. 

Aruba's sales team sourced $605 million in closed business using 6sense insights.

Also, Aruba's deal sizes and sales velocity increased by 60%, in addition to improved sales and marketing alignment.

Engage the right people

Find and acquire important contact details to multi-thread revenue activities across the entire buying committee.

Find the right contact info

Gain instant access to 250+ million B2B profiles, 100+ million decision makers, and 50+ million B2B emails.

Leverage the right data

You can also retrieve firmographic, technographic, and psychographic data in addition to intent, keywords, and more.

Always on, always updated, accurate account intel

Revenue AI for Sales delivers rich account and contact intelligence, enabling your sellers to have accurate, authoritative knowledge about their target accounts.

It also notifies sellers in near real-time on recent account activity, buying momentum, and changes in engagement levels. This preserves alignment across the revenue team … and illuminates new opportunities along the way.

Using 6sense, Auth0 increased deal sizes by 25% and sourced $3 million in net-new pipeline.

Eighty percent of all Auth0 opportunities come from 6sense-qualified accounts (6QAs).

Uncover hidden opportunities

Analyze buyer progression

Identify opportunities by tracking each account’s buying journey with visibility across all revenue activities.

Improve win rates & deal sizes

Customers that prioritize efforts on 6sense-qualified accounts generate a 4x increase to win rates and a 2x increase to deal sizes.

Send real-time alerts

Configure custom email and Slack alerts to notify sellers when their accounts show increased intent or relevant activity.

Account Intelligence Features


Get firmographic details from 6sense’s patented Company Graph to see which accounts are most engaged. These details include anonymous intent signals, website visits, predicted in-market buying stage, and engagement.


Reveal the current tech stack of your prospects to deliver targeted messaging based on complementary or competing technologies. This crucial information is refreshed every two weeks with confidence scores,

Intent Data

Get into more opportunities — and beat the competition — by uncovering anonymous buyers actively researching solutions like yours.

Persona Map

Leverage a visual map of an account’s buying team to understand how to craft multi-threading plans. Our Persona Map presents contact details, activities, talking points, and unknown buying team members.

Next Best Actions

Eliminate guesswork from account engagement with AI-based recommendations that help reps prioritize actions, reduce manual effort, and understand which contacts to acquire or engage.

Sales Alerts

Configure and receive individual alerts via email (or utilize our Slack integration) to keep reps up-to-date on important account activity, recommended actions, new buyer intent signals, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

6sense Revenue AI™ for Sales empowers sales teams to identify the accounts in their territories that are likely to buy. It also provides crucial insights into buyer and buying-team behavior such as when to engage in-market accounts and what message will resonate best. 

By enabling sellers to move faster, focus their time on the most valuable accounts, and convert more pipeline to revenue, sellers gain an immediate and differentiated advantage over competitors.

Traditional sales intelligence platforms deliver massive amounts of data to sellers, including company and contact information. ‌However, this deluge of data is out-of-date, or irrelevant to the market or persona the seller is targeting or both.

By contrast, Revenue AI makes sense of all the information, analyzes it, and provides accurate, actionable intelligence about accounts and contacts to pursue.

“6sense helped our AEs find new opportunities, rather than relying on inbounds. It opened up a whole new world of opportunities for them.”

Rachael Tiow

Head of Global Account-Based Marketing, Auth0

“6sense is our ‘fish finder.’ With an ocean full of fish, 6sense tells you where to drop the line. If you’re not leveraging this as a seller, you’re missing out on opportunity.”

Steven Fitz

Chief Revenue Officer, Sumo Logic

“We’ve got a lot of things in play with 6sense. Our main focus is getting the right information in front of SDRs, rather than tossing a volume of names over the fence at them.”

Ari Capogeannis

Senior Director of Marketing, Cumulus Networks

“If you have a decent amount of traffic on your website and your buying cycle is sporadic, you can oftentimes feel like you’re one step behind getting in front of your customer at the right time. That’s why 6sense has worked for us.”

Bob Dudzinski

Vice President of Corporate Development, Custom Truck One Source

Integrations built to centralize & maximize your tech stack

6sense integrates with a wide range of sales, marketing, and operations technologies.

Improve data, connect critical systems, build more engaging campaigns, and deepen the insights that live within your existing tech stack.

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Ready to see 6sense in action?

Activate relevant and efficient audience targeting, with industry-leading account identification, intent data and predictive models.