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Pipeline Forecast Tool

Pipeline Intelligence

Remove the guesswork from building quality pipeline with the only solution that uses real-time data and AI to forecast pipeline. With 6sense Pipeline Intelligence, marketers can confidently drive a targeted demand generation strategy that consistently achieves pipeline and revenue goals.

6sense Pipeline Intelligence

Create accurate plans to improve alignment

Create pipeline plans based on real-time data and conversion metrics. Set benchmarks for win rates, deal lengths, and opportunity size.

Diagnose pipeline gaps & adjust tactics

Find gaps in your pipeline before they impact your bottom line. Take action based on these insights to ensure you hit your goals.

Maximize spend to drive pipeline growth

Focus your spend on tactics that predictably convert into pipeline opportunities based on real-time data on campaign performance.

Scale Audience Creation, Activation, & Personalization

Create audience-centric GTM practices with the right segment building, analysis, and research practices to confidently generate consistent, quality pipeline — and close deals faster.

Create accurate pipeline plans to improve cross-functional alignment

Using real-time data about your current opportunities, create defensible and accurate plans.

Take back control of your funnel and build a predictable growth plan with AI-driven insights. 

pipeline forecast

Plan with ease

Convert your booking goals into accurate plans based on real-time data like conversion rate and sales cycles.

Meet pipeline demands

Continuously optimize every go-to-market segment and sales territory to meet pipeline needs.

Analyze performance

Perform “what if” pipeline analysis for scenario planning and data-driven decision making.

pipeline management

Confidently forecast demand & avoid pipeline gaps early

Remove the mystery surrounding your pipeline and revenue projections. 

Identify holes in real-time and make informed decisions to close gaps and keep your teams on target. 

Forecast accurately

Leverage our AI models, informed by real-time and historical performance data, to forecast demand.

Track pipeline coverage

Dive into every go-to-market segment to track coverage for past, current and future quarters.

Reduce efforts

Reporting is easy with essential pipeline KPIs and historic performance right at your fingertips.

Take actions to maximize your marketing spend and impact

Gain insights into which channels are driving the most pipeline, exceeding goals, and have the highest ROI.

Leverage that information to optimize your marketing spend around your most effective tactics. 

Prioritize the largest gaps

Analyze gaps in each segment and take the recommended actions to correct them.

Build dynamic segments

Use 6sense Pipeline Intelligence data to create dynamic segments for targeted sales and marketing campaigns.

Drive more impact

Setup orchestrations and workflows to trigger campaigns that drive the most pipeline impact.

Pipeline Intelligence Features:

Planning & Workbench

Plan and determine pipeline goals with flexibility. Leverage our AI to generate precise monthly forecasts to hit your goals.

Performance Dashboard

View pipeline performance and analyze metrics like total dollar amount created to-date, pipeline opportunities created, and average opportunity size.

Insights & Actions

Analyze pipeline performance by product, category, and channel. Direct sales and marketing actions to the right opportunities with dynamic segments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Opportunities that have been vetted or ‘qualified’ by sales. Qualified opportunities usually meet the BANT criteria, have deterministic values and close dates, and have a higher likelihood of converting to bookings.

The amount of pipeline that needs to be created or qualified in a fiscal period to achieve a company’s bookings goals. Pipeline plans consider opportunity conversion rates, sales cycles, and deal sizes. They are usually organized by segments, sales territories, products, and business types.

The amount of pipeline that is likely to be created or qualified in a specific fiscal period from demand generation programs. Pipeline forecasts are created for current and future fiscal periods such as months and quarters.

“One of the great things about Pipeline Intelligence is that the way it works isn’t mysterious. My team motto is data, not drama. One of the great things about 6sense is that we can’t game the system.”

Ali Jawin

SVP Head of Global Marketing, RepTrak

Integrations built to centralize & maximize your tech stack

6sense integrates with a wide range of sales, marketing, and operations technologies.

Improve data, connect critical systems, build more engaging campaigns, and deepen the insights that live within your existing tech stack.

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