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How 6sense Stands Out for B2B Display Advertising

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B2B marketers are under increasing pressure to get the most ROI out of their ad spend. Statistics show that in 2020, there was a 32.5% increase in B2B digital ad spend, largely due to shifts in marketing approaches triggered by the global pandemic.

That yearly increase has tapered off, however, and is projected to only grow by 15% in 2023. With the economic downturn, this predicted increase could possibly be much lower, meaning marketing teams will be expected to do more with less.

While revenue teams are increasingly turning to digital advertising to boost pipeline growth, most ad platforms were built with B2C marketing in mind. Many of the methods and metrics that work great for B2C cause major inefficiencies for B2B.

Some of the biggest problems:

  • Poor targeting results in spending lots of money to reach accounts that have no intention to buy — and advertising to the wrong people in relevant accounts
  • Lack of control over programmatic ad campaign set up causes overspending and restricts where, when, and how campaigns are run
  • Limited visibility into how ads impact sales stems from current solutions being built for MQLs, which means there’s limited insight into actual pipeline value and how ads influence the full buyers’ journey

There’s good news, though: 6sense was built from the ground up with B2B in mind, and helps marketing teams maximize their advertising ROI and prove its value.

For example, our solution helped one company:

  • Decrease ad costs by 96%
  • Boost engagement by 46%
  • Increase pipeline nearly 10x

Curious to see what 6sense can do for your digital marketing team? Read on.

Display Advertising Capabilities Designed for B2B

6sense helps teams:

  • Identify the most valuable accounts
  • Uncover deep insights into account activity
  • Predict the ideal times to pursue them
  • Orchestrating engagement throughout each account’s buying journey

These capabilities help teams predictably grow revenue. At the very top of the revenue funnel, our display advertising capabilities drive engagement with target accounts by enabling marketing teams to quickly build and launch ad campaigns that reach the right buyers with the right message at the right time.

We offer the traditional capabilities of a demand-side platform (DSP) with unique features built for B2B account-based engagement, including:

  • Industry-best account and persona targeting, including the ability to target only likely buying team members within target accounts
  • Preferred site lists for targeted inventory
  • Direct publisher relationships for B2B advertisers
  • Account and persona-level reporting
  • Pipeline and revenue reporting

Let’s take a closer look at what 6sense Advertising can help you achieve.

Comprehensive Targeting

Our unique B2B DSP capabilities tell you exactly who you should target, and when. Based on intent signals, buyer behavior, and AI-driven predictions fueled by hundreds of data points, 6sense helps you prioritize target accounts and reach them when they’re in-market and ready to buy.

This kind of focus can create an average 20% increase in opportunity volume. We help you identify more of your potential buyers too, with technology that matches 27% more traffic than our competitors.

To help you really target the decision makers that matter, audiences can be segmented by job role or title, enabling you custom-select personas that you want to reach with your digital ad campaigns.

Total Control

6sense gives you complete control over your display advertising — including how much you spend. 6sense’s custom-built DSP capabilities eliminate extra fees and markups, enabling you to set the CPM bid costs that are right for your strategy. We don’t force you to overpay for your ads.

You won’t have to miss a key revenue moment with your ads, either. Our platform empowers you manage exactly where and when ads run, including the time of day, frequency, sites, and devices. By giving you the power of choice, you can reach your potential customers where and when your ads are most likely to resonate.

Time is of the essence when it comes to getting your message out to customers. That’s why it’s important to note that, on average, 6sense campaigns go live in less than one hour, with reporting available 24 hours later. Campaigns can also be automated based on the buyer journey, and you can eliminate lag-time with direct access to make any needed changes to your ads.

Complete Visibility

6sense helps marketing teams meet growing expectations to prove their impact on the bottom line with insights that quantify your display advertising’s ROI. This greater visibility extends through every step of the buyers’ journey from the buying stages to pipeline to revenue.

Reporting features show how your ads influence buying teams, including exactly which accounts and personas are engaging with your ads. This focus on pipeline influence — rather than MQL numbers — is key for proving the value of marketing efforts and aligning marketing and sales teams around revenue goals. And no matter where your ads are viewed, regardless of site or platform, our platform captures every detail of the buyer journey.

Reporting is done at the account level, so you can understand exactly how you’re engaging with those accounts, and how those accounts are engaged with your advertising. 6sense’s ability to capture and assign buyer behavior — like view-through rates on a digital ad — and connect it with an account helps marketing teams objectively measure the impact of their campaigns on sales and prove their ROI.


In order to meet tougher expectations, B2B marketers need data to demonstrate the value of their contributions to pipeline and revenue… and this includes the return on investment for display advertising. They also need data to create campaigns that move the needle by reaching the right audience at the right time with the right messaging.

6sense helps marketers with these things, and more. See what our data-powered, AI-driven account engagement platform has to offer, including digital advertising solutions designed just for the needs of B2B ABM.

The 6sense Team

6sense helps B2B organizations achieve predictable revenue growth by putting the power of AI, big data, and machine learning behind every member of the revenue team.

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